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Who we are

First Presbyterian Church is a dynamic, transforming church, where all are welcome, lives are changed, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is lived and proclaimed.

If you could put a church anywhere in America, you’d put one right here, in the middle of the city acclaimed as the “most livable” in the country. We’ve been here since 1773.

Yet cities aren’t always “livable” for everyone. Plenty of folks are hurting, hungry, homeless, and more. Everyone needs the love, grace, and truth of Jesus Christ.


Join us in reaching out with compassion to the heart of the city and around the world. Experience vibrant, classic worship. Just relax, and take in the beauty of one of the city’s most breathtaking spaces.

Our Mission

Transform Pittsburgh by awakening a new generation to life in Christ

What we believe

  • Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • The Bible is God’s Word.

  • We all fall short of who God intended us to be.

  • God loves us too much to leave us the way we are.

  • We are made for worship.

  • We are made to live for each other.

  • We live out our faith in the world.

  • We join with the church universal in our belief stated in the Apostles Creed.


View our full statement of faith

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