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Dan Turis

Rev. Dan Turis is the Associate Minister of Outreach for First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, helping to connect the church to the city that he loves.


Dan has experience in connecting churches to communities, helping churches define their visions for their communities, and training others in discipleship and outreach. Dan was a campus minister for over ten years, first establishing a ministry at the University of Kentucky with the Navigators, then working with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) at the University of Pittsburgh with Bellefield Presbyterian Church and then at The Ohio State University with West Second Avenue Presbyterian Church and an ELCA campus ministry. After attending seminary, Dan was called to a Reformed Church in America congregation in Columbus, Ohio in 2012 and then to another in Queens, New York in 2015. 

Originally from southwestern Pennsylvania, Dan is a graduate of Waynesburg University and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Dan lives downtown with his wife Leslie and their dog Dolly. 

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