Jacob Wilson

Jacob joined First Presbyterian Church in June 2020 as our Student Pastor.


Jacob grew up in rural east Texas and is a lifelong Presbyterian. After High School he discerned the Lord calling him to ministry, but unsure in his call, instead pursued vocations in medicine, psychology, math, teaching, art and history. After many years of inspired education, internships and work experience, he found the Lord guiding him full circle back to ministry.


At the affirmation of his local church he was ordained a ruling elder at First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburg, Texas. Following spiritual discernment, Jacob enrolled at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary completing a Masters in Theological Studies while serving in volunteer street, food pantry and shelter ministries; interim pastoral ministries; psychiatric chaplaincy and adult Christian education.


Currently Jacob is a second-year student at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and is pursuing the call to ministry as an Inquirer under care of Pittsburgh Presbytery.


He likes working on campus with international students, seminary guests, and participating in community life, and enjoys adult education classes and local church missions. Throughout his faith journeys, the Church, academics and the Lord's call have remained a stable and nourishing guide that Jacob is joyful and devoted to continue as a student Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh.